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Richland County

Richland, District, S. C. Situated in the centre of the state, and contains 550 sq. ms. The Wateree r. bounds it on the e., and the Congaree on the s. w., and they form a junction at the s. e. angle of the dist. The soil is very fertile. Capital, Columbia. There were in 1840, neat cattle 8,878, sheep 3,022, swine 14,709; wheat 3,465 bush, produced, Ind. corn 333,796, oats 63,325, potatoes 42,584,cotton 1,281,989 pounds; 15 stores, cap. $177,300; 1 pottery, 19 grist m., 21 saw to. Cap. in manufac. $72,800. 1 college, 168 students, 5 acad. 161 students, 14 sch. 366 scholars. Pop. whites 5,326, slaves 10,664, free col'd 407; total, 16,397.
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Columbia, p-v., capital of Richland dist., S. C., and of the state, is situated in 33 57' N. lat., and 81 7' w. Ion., and 4 w. Ion. from W., 35 s. w. Camden, 73 n. e. Augusta, 120 n. n. w. Charleston, 506 W. It is situated on the E. side of Congaree r., immediately below the junction of broad and Saluda rs. to form the Congaree. The land rises gradually from the r., where is a plain of 2 or 3 miles in extent, from which the ground slopes gradually on every side. On this plain the town is situated, and the situation is commanding, having an extensive prospect. It was founded in 1787, and is regularly laid out, with streets crossing each other at right angles, and 100 feet wide. It has a state house, 170 feet by 60, 2 stories high, situated in the central part of the town, a court house, jail, market house, bank, j 2 academies, 1 for males and 1 for females, 5 or 6 houses of worship, which belong to the Presbyterians, Episcopalians, Baptists, and Methodists. The Presbyterian church is an elegant building, w ith 2 lofty spires; other churches are neat edifices. The houses, mostly of wood, but a considerable number of brick, are built with elegance and taste. Large boats navigate the r., and a steamboat plies between this place and Charleston. Columbia is the seat of the South Carolina College, a respectable institution, founded in 1804, which has a president and 8 profess-ors or other instructors, 168 students, and 13,000 vols, in its libraries. The commencement is on the first Monday in December. The buildings of the institution are 7 in number, of brick, and regularly arranged, presenting an imposing aspect. Besides rooms for the students, and other college purposes, they include houses for the president and a number of professors. The buildings containing rooms for students are 2, each 210 feet long, 25 feet wide, and 3 stories high, standing opposite to each other, with the president's house at the head of the open space between them. Their narrowness allows of a very complete ventilation. On the top of another building, which contains the library and philosophical apparatus, is an observatory. This institution receives $15,000 annually from the state, besides $200,000 which has been expended upon it. Pop. 3,500.
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