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South Carolina Counties  

From the Complete Descriptive And Statistical Gazetteer Of The United States Of America, By Daniel Haskel, A. M and J. Calvin Smith, Published By Sherman & Smith, 1843:

South Carolina, one of the southern United States, is bounded n. by North Carolina; s. e. by the Atlantic; and s. w. by Georgia, from which it is separated by the Savannah River. It is between 32 2' and 35 10' n. lat., and between 78 24' and 83 30' w. lon., and between 1 45' and 6 15' w. from w. It is 200 miles long and 125 broad, containing about 25,000 square miles, or 16,000,000 acres. The population in 1790 was 240,000; in 1800, 345,591; in 1810, 415,115; in 1820, 502,741; in 1830, 581,458; in 1840, 594,393, including 327,038 slaves. Of the free population, 130,496 were white males; 128,588 do. females; 3,864 were colored males; 4,412 do. females. Employed in agriculture, 198,363; in commerce, 1,953; manufactures and trades, 10,325; navigating the ocean, 381; canals, rivers, &c., 343; learned professions, &c., 1,481.

This state is divided into 29 districts, which with their population in 1840, and their capitals, were as follows: ..continued

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South Carolina Military Forts  

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South Carolina Data

1779 Ninety Six District Census Substitute
1790 South Carolina Census Records
1800 Union County South Carolina Census
1800 Union County Census Maps

1790-1840 South Carolina Census Images 

South Carolina Cemetery Records

If you have a passion for cemeteries and/or history and wish to help, just choose a cemetery and jump right in. We can use names, dates, and/or photos for each cemetery in South Carolina. Time is eroding the stones, help preserve them in images before time runs out.
Be sure to check the county to see if the cemetery has already been done.

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